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Ryan Pflaum


The World is Big, Life is Short

I Love to Travel

Ever since I first went out side of the United States I was struck by both the similarities and differences. I felt from then on a deep desire to see as many different places in the world as I can. I think it can sometimes be hard to quantify direct benefits from travel, it can be more subtle in the way you think and act.

In an ever more global world, I want to ensure that I can think and work in a global context. The experiences we have, shape our thinking and problem solving and I want a wide range of experiences to draw from. 


About Me

I grew up in Cincinnati Ohio and went to college at the University of Cincinnati. I am an industrial design student.



I have a few websites website cover photo DAAP

Design Work

I am an industrial design student at the University of Cincinnati. Here I document the things I have made and places I have worked. Cover Photo of New York City Skyline


I have always loved photography; here is where I save and share it. See my photography from all my adventuring. Cover photo of Mountain range


This site is for sharing my adventures, documenting the details of my travels and sharing my thoughts. 


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Photo by Leio McLaren on Unsplash